samedi 9 avril 2011

a day of game

today is my gaming day, my first objective is to kill one more time Silent hill one of my favourite games, very interresting don't you think?
What is silent hill? it's an old fucking good game i played in 1999, very nice remembers of the days i played it

11 commentaires:

  1. A good place to start I'd say!!

  2. Dude, i remember playing this at night ALONE with all the lights of so i could get in the mood... BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE i crapped my pants when you get for the first time to the school and you enter the bathroom, Nothing there and then a childs moaning and crying from out of nowhere DAMN. Stoped playing and turned all the lights on my house.

  3. Never played this, but good luck beating it

  4. So is the resolution to blog every day or what?
    I must be new.

  5. nice never plaied it as i was in kinder back in 99 but maybe i should have